Advice for incoming freshman

incoming freshman,

Some advice for you is to come on time everyday you don’t want to get in trouble with the deans. in our school if your late some many times you get on the tardy card. You have to be on time to every single class every day for as long as your on it. if your late even if its by 10 seconds you go to iss. If you keep being late and keep going to iss you might start to fail your classes, and it’s going to be pretty hard to bring your grade up from home. Some more advice for you is to keep up on your work. You can easily go from an A to an F just by not doing 2 or 3 assignments, but it’s not as easy to bring it back up. Lastly stay on track, don’t get into any trouble, getting in trouble can take you out of your classes and take you out of school, it’s not good that you get taken out of class or school. Colleges won’t want to take people that failed their classes or got into trouble.

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