Job Shadowing Reflection

  • from my job shadowing experience i learned that i don’t want to be in planning
  • i would like to be a forensic anthropologist
  • the reason i would like this job is because you wouldn’t do the same thing everyday its a new adventure.
  • to get this dream job i would have to go to a lot college
  • on my presentation i think i did a good job considering that i don’t like speaking in front of everyone
  • i’m proud of my self for not being as nervous as i was last year of presenting
  • something i think i could have done better was looking at the class more
  • maybe next time i do a presentation i think i would like to try to put in a video on the subject so people can understand a little more.
  • i don’t think i want change the outcome of my presentation because i think i did a good job
  • i wish that i would have volunteered the first day to get it over with and get the extra points.
  • if i could do my presentation over again i wouldn’t wait until the end of the week to do it.
  • i wouldn’t keep looking at the presentation i would look at the audience.
  • the easiest part of my presentation was actually  the power point and finding out the information that i needed to put into the project.
  • the hardest part of the presentation i would have to say was getting up in front of the class and presenting long enough to make it within the 4 to 6 minute range
  • now that i reflected on my presentation i realize that i think i did a good job considering i hate talking in front of the class, having a time limit, and making sure that i don’t just read off my power point, and explain what everything means.

Mock interview reflection

  • While I interview a classmate made me feel more prepared for a interview. Seeing a interview from a employers perspective makes me more prepared because i know what type of questions will be asked.
  • When i was being interview by a classmate I wasn’t nervous because i knew that it wasn’t a real interview and that they were just classmates. In a real interview i would really nervous because of the fact that it’s up to that person to see if i get the job or not.
  • I feel that my response to the mock interview questions were not as good as i would have liked. I think i could have done a lot better than what i did. The question i found to be the easiest for me was how i feel about working with others and as a team.
  • Some advice i would give someone doing a mock interview is that you should pretend like it’s a real interview. Some advice i wold give to someone in a real interview is that they should do the best that they can so that they feel like they did all that they could do and if they don’t get the job it’s their loss.
  • If i was going to a real interview i would be more prepared for it because i would have it on a certain day at a certain time so i would know about it. If i went to a real a interview i would probably dress really nice, and professional. I would act like  a professional, i wouldn’t be loud or messing around.
  • I think that this activity was helpful because it helps us know what kind of questions are going to be asked at the interview. I think that this is a skill that you need in the real world because if you don’t have a job you don’t earn money you can’t buy food or live in a house, you would have no money for everything that you need.

Current News Post

This news article is about how a body was pulled from the Des Plaines River on Saturday April 18th, 2015 his name was Lonnie Jones. He was caught on video as he leaped from the Cass street bridge. His body wasn’t found until 8 days after he jumped. Lonnie Jones was reported missing 3 days after he had jumped. An officer saw him in the river and he body was pulled in at  the railroad street boat launch south if interstate 80 on the rivers west bank. Just hours before he jumped he posted a status on Facebook stating “And he said unto them, Go ye into the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” This was a bible verse. As he took his own life he was holding a bible. The autopsy was performed Sunday the 19th it was reported that he drowned. Lonnie was only 19.  I believe that this article was neutral, and as far as we know their telling the truth about what happened, their is no opinions in this article it’s all facts. To me if your going through anything that is bad and depressing you should talk to someone instead of taking your life. When you take your life your not the one mourning about it its your family and friends, nobody should have to feel like taking your life is the only option. Joliet Patch

If the electricity went out….

If the electricity grid went out,  it would change everyone life. Mine would change the most because I wouldn’t be able to go on my phone because it wouldn’t charge and the internet won’t work. If the power did go out my lifestyle would change because i wouldn’t be able to see in my house at night so i would have to light candles all around my house and go buy flashlights before everyone else and batteries, lots of batteries.  We would’t be able to cook inside we would have to cook on the grill so we would have to buy lots of charcoal and lighter fluid. To relax I would still go outside to do what I always do just walk around the neighborhood with my friends or go on a bike trail. The only thing that would change about going outside with my friends would be that there would be no music anymore. We usually have music playing, even if were just outside of our friends house playing basketball or just outside in the yard. So if the power did go out my life would change drastically but i wouldn’t stop doing what  i really like to do.

Commenting Tips

When commenting on social media you shouldn’t write anything you would get in trouble for. You should also think that if your commenting on something make sure its respectful. You don’t want to say something that your going to regret later. When your commenting on school blogs and your getting a grade for it make sure everything in spelled correct. When your commenting on peoples things know that you might get a response so just keep checking it so you don’t seem disrespectful.

PLAN and Job Shadowing

The plan test was kind of easy. As long as u paced your self on your questions and how fast your reading. If you understand what your reading and what your looking at then you should do pretty good on the test. When you take the plan test make sure that you get enough sleep and eat breakfast so you know what your doing while your taking the test.  Job Shadowing is when you go to a business and you watch the profession that you want to do when your get older. You can ask questions if you want.  You have to fill  out papers about what you will need to be able to do when you get older. When I did my Job shadowing it was hard to find a place for my profession that I want to go into so I did it from a family member so it was easy enough for meals and transportation and the questions were easy to ask because I knew the person so it wasn’t like I was asking a complete stranger.

First Impressions

First impressions. People think that first impressions count but to me they don’t. If you meet someone they could be really mean but really their nice when you get to know them. There’s people all around the world that seem to be nice but are really mean. There was a man who seemed to be a very nice man and neighbor but really he had kidnapped girls and kept them held captive in the basement for years. No one got to know him they just thought he was good person because he was friendly. First impressions don’t really mean anything someone could be the complete opposite of what you expect.  You never know someone could be so nice when you meet them and maybe the next couple of times you see them but they could end up being a murderer. Nobody ever knows who someone is when they first meet them.

Advice for incoming freshman

incoming freshman,

Some advice for you is to come on time everyday you don’t want to get in trouble with the deans. in our school if your late some many times you get on the tardy card. You have to be on time to every single class every day for as long as your on it. if your late even if its by 10 seconds you go to iss. If you keep being late and keep going to iss you might start to fail your classes, and it’s going to be pretty hard to bring your grade up from home. Some more advice for you is to keep up on your work. You can easily go from an A to an F just by not doing 2 or 3 assignments, but it’s not as easy to bring it back up. Lastly stay on track, don’t get into any trouble, getting in trouble can take you out of your classes and take you out of school, it’s not good that you get taken out of class or school. Colleges won’t want to take people that failed their classes or got into trouble.

Black History Month

Mila J

Mila J is a R&B singer. She was first in a music video when she was only 8. Mila J has a sister named Jhene.  Mila J has only 1 album, but sings with other people. Her sister Jhene has 3 albums. Mila j signed with Motown over 10 years ago but left do to the creative differences, and to find her true voice. But in 2013 she resigned with Motown. When she left to find her voice she didn’t let that stop her from being what she wanted to be, a singer. She wouldn’t let anything stop her from becoming what she was supposed to become.